Target Identification

Targeting specific services with specific messages to specific audiences is critical to any marketing success. Failure to do so merely delivers wasted effort, disappointing results, and the risk of poor brand perception in your customers' mind.

At Access Pharma Marketing, we offer a range of services to dramatically improve your marketing results, including:

  • Value Proposition Matrix design, mapping clear product value messages against identifiable audiences
  • Competitive analysis and market penetration strategy and message definition
  • Database cleansing, augmentation and segmenting to deliver specific targeting options
  • New segment research by phase, company, geography and job role
  • Molecule pipeline research to target specific companies with therapy area specific messages

Content Generation

Good content is the cornerstone to successful marketing, as well as a reflection of your company's brand. However, all too often the creation of well-written, carefully messaged content is hampered by lack of time from subject matter experts, and authoring acumen.

Access Pharma Marketing leverages its experience in the healthcare sector (CRO, Market Access etc.) to offer a range of content creation capabilities the drive engagement with customers whilst utilizing a minimum amount of subject matter expert time.

  • White papers, "coffee table" articles, case studies, social media posts and emails
  • Website content and content overhauls
  • Calculators and interactive marketing materials
  • Voiceover-led presentations and on-demand web videos
  • Posters and exhibition stand material
  • Branded, themed and coordinated sales materials (print and PDF)
  • Sales team training materials and sales aids

Database-led Lead Generation

Today's pharmaceutical professionals are under a constant bombardment from vendors seeking to gain "airtime" with prospects. In an attempt to reach these important contacts, support businesses regularly commit considerable budgets to a broad range of marketing activities that are difficult to measure, and typically yield disappointing ROI.

At Access Pharma Marketing, we have developed techniques to deliver strong ROI from highly targeted, high quality engagement. Critical to the success of this methodology is the development and careful use of granular databases, enabling excellent selection of targets based on known value propositions - an accurate snipers bullet vs. indiscriminate carpet bombing, so to speak. Upon request, we are then able to engage prospects on your behalf to deliver qualified leads from individuals who are showing clear interest. Services include:

  • Co-ordinated Sales Plays encompassing a wide range of marketing disciplines designed to coincide with targeted emails to specific individuals
  • Marketing automation mapping of content to assist in lead qualification
  • Intelligent email interaction on behalf of clients to assist in lead qualification
  • Database cleansing, augmenting and segmentation
  • Development and deployment of highly effective email correspondence

Advertising, Press and Analyst Relations

Whilst the popularity of traditional advertising, PR and AR marketing techniques has declined significantly over recent years, they still have an important role to fulfill, especially in brand development - important if you want to be taken seriously.

Access Pharma Marketing can help you make the most efficient use of these techniques, helping you develop a "voice" in the marketplace in a planned, strategic way.

  • Build a strong brand recognition in key market areas
  • Receive invites to contribute to articles in your field
  • Get referenced by analysis recommending service providers